A Collection of Poems for the New Generation


A Collection of Poems for the New Generation

by Ajay Ramphul



About the book
Ajay Ramphul puts forward this poetry book for awareness to the new generation against the risk of their standard of living in modern society. Everybody works for money as it is important and when someone dies he leaves everything for only his heirs but for the writer words are a voice out to the world and the biggest fortune he leaves is his inspiring words. So read my philosophical poetry book and listen to my pain and discover my passion!

The book depicts the ethnic values that are important. Why do some people suffer? We still don’t know! We are intelligent in doing our job but we are ignorant about other things and for others plights. A message like poetry writing can change one mindset if really understand its true meaning.

Ajay Ramphul’s creations are as follows, a fantasy religious book “Stanley Noble Deeds,” a poetry book, “Islander poetry” and a Social Evil book “Time to React”. He is a producer, director, and scriptwriter of a featured film ” L’horizon D’amour” and also wrote a TV serial” Flames of Our Passions.” Now he is

coming with an inspiring poetry book” A Collection of Poems for the New Generation”.

Ajay Ramphul’s book “A Collection of Poems for the New Generation” will inspire a lot of readers who will meet a new challenge. The message through this book is: be kind-hearted, be generous, and never hurt others.

Additional information

Author's Name

Ajay Ramphul

Publication Date

October 21, 2020






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