Accidents in Time: Four Time Travel Stories


Accidents in Time: Four Time Travel Stories

by John H. Plumb



About the author
The author spent nine years in the Navy as a nuclear component welder, owned several large industrial flooring companies, was a goldsmith, owned three jewelry stores and was VP of a Gold Company. He was even very successful selling vacuums door to door. He has been retired three times.

About the book
Time Without Motion is the story about Mickey Manco. He tried to fix his generator bearings and by accident discovers a different reality. This zone as he calls it leads him into becoming a thief and murderer. He ended up on the FBI’s most wanted list.

The House of Time was invented by Mr. Bridges. It is a house that mysteriously appears and disappears every ten years from a five hundred acre forest in Charleston, South Carolina. It is run by a secret society. From 1845 until present day. Not all the guests will survive and others will attempt to come aboard.

Twenty/Twenty is about a handcrafted pair of glasses that bends light and the inventor John Paul Bates can now see twenty minutes into the future. Looking only that far, his life becomes troubled and chaotic.

Additional information

Author's Name

John H. Plumb

Publication Date

March 10, 2020








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