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About the author
Hi, Nana Okotwere Bekoe here. I love to share intriguing findings through my novels as I always relish the goosebumps that come with writing them for your enjoyment. By any chance, I am seen throwing muted tantrums while staring at my phone, forgive me, it is definitely a Manchester United match I can’t watch from home. Don’t know about you but summer allows me to see sights of interests in London. Rail has always been my favorite form of transport, and my compassion for the needy and less privileged is why I partner with NGOs in Ghana. Let’s get in touch below:

Instagram/Twitter/Wattpad: @n_o_bekoe

Facebook/LinkedIn: author n. o. bekoe

About the book
Amore is made of three short romance stories: Shadows Don’t Lie, Little Diamonds, and Out of Gold, in this order. Shadows don’t lie is about a rich broken-hearted, independent woman who finds the strength to love again after almost a decade, however, the man she falls for has skeletons in his closet that need cleansing before this new-found love works.

Little Diamonds is about two childhood sweethearts who were separated before they came to who they really were: a Christian boy and a Muslim girl. Destiny brought them together at the University, however, it was after school that they had to face the barriers and realities of coming from different backgrounds.

Out of Gold is about a beautiful relationship that is wrecked by a pretty lady, the lovers having no idea that the decisions of their parents in the distant past is the reason this lady is coming at them with all she has. The truth eventually comes to fore before their happy ever after.

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Author's Name

N. O. Bekoe



Publication Date

November 14, 2019


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