An Outline of the End Times


An Outline of the End Times

by PT Nicholson



About the book
An Outline of the End Times is written by a layperson for laypeople. In an attempt to be comprehensive yet concise and thorough, PT Nicholson explores prophetic scripture in relation to the end times. He weighs up counterarguments of key issues that divide Christians regarding the tribulation and the millennium and carefully synthesizes an outline of events without overlooking difficulties. Combined with exhaustive scripture references, he uses charts, tables, maps, sketches, and graphs to explain issues and analyse topics as succinctly as possible.

About 25 percent of the Bible is prophecy and, according to a well-known and respected scholar on Bible prophecy, John Walvoord, five hundred of one thousand prophetic events remain unfulfilled. Yet many Christians have only a vague notion of how end-time events will unfold due to inadequate teaching and a shortage of comprehensively researched books on the subject. An Outline of the End Times serves as a reference resource to help meet this need.

Additional information

Author's Name

PT Nicholson

Publication Date

July 01, 2020




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