ANCSA Powerbrokers


ANCSA Powerbrokers

by Robert Rude

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About the author
I was born in Flat, Alaska, in 1938. After my father, Herbert Rude died my mother moved my older sister, brother and I to Anchorage, Alaska, in 1941. I grew up in Anchorage and attended local schools until my graduation in 1957. From 1954 to 1957 I played basketball for Anchorage High School. I played in four All Alaska championships finally winning the championship in 1957. I won the sportsmanship award, set scoring records, and was chosen the most valuable high school basketball player in all Alaska in 1957.

About the book
I became involved in Alaska Native Land Claims in October 1966, when I attended the first Alaska Federation Natives (AFN) meeting held in Anchorage, Alaska. The delegates appointed me to represent the unorganized Athabascan villages and a week later, I filed a Land Claim for over 10 million acres for the villages. the Land Claim placed a land freeze on lands that were slated to be used for the oil pipeline which put pressure on the State of Alaska and the Federal Government to settle a land claim for Alaska Natives. Land Claims Settlement was drafted and presented to Alaska Natives at a meeting 12-18-71. I was a representative of Cook Inlet Native Association (CINA) and I was one of 511 Alaska Natives who voted for Alaska Native Land Claims Settlement. There were 56 delegates from North Slope that voted against ANCSA.

The monies and lands awarded in ANCSA divided Alaska Natives and there were battles between the regional and village corporations over lands and monies granted in ANCSA. Those who became corporate executives used ANCSA funds to gain power and control and they spent whatever it took to retain their powers and control. Shareholder rights granted in ANCSA were voided so those in power could keep their control and domination over their shareholders. Corporate managers controlled elections, paid themselves millions of dollars and secured amendments that took away shareholder rights provided under ANCSA and Federal Security Laws. If you are against social and moral injustice this book is a must for you to read.

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Robert Rude

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April 24, 2020





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  1. William Rude

    Great source of information from one of the original founding fathers of ANSCA and native corporations in ALASKA. My father has always been involved with native politics and has decided to share his knowledge and experiences in his book. A great, MUST Read!!!!

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