Armageddon Virus


Armageddon Virus

by Robert Gallant



About the author
“Chesney is an appealing, capable lead.” – Kirkus Review Bob Gallant’s thriller series keeps getting better and better, and more intense. The Armageddon Virus is the third installment to his action-packed, thriller series. Travis Weld and Chesney Barrett’s tandem is taken to a whole new level where Chesney tries to stop the alleged illegal transaction involving a potentially deadly virus. Let’s take a walk to memory lane – viruses were one of the major causes of death of our ancestors. A single virus can damage an entire community; if there’s no known cure. Weld in a pursuit of terrorists, intercepted a phone message from an anonymous sender trying to sell a deadly virus to a weapon dealer. This leaves them with an intense pursuit of who this person is and what this deadly virus being sold is. Chesney, who has become Weld’s first contact in missions like this, found herself leading towards a virology research company. As she tries to explore virology in this industry; she has noted wary deaths, and met various virologists. During her stay, her keen self found out about the long time feud going on inside the premises, which she purported to be the key in resolving the case. The closer she gets to the answers, the closer she is to danger. Imagine a single virus that can endanger not only one or two lives, but millions. Find out if this tandem can stop destruction to mankind or will they succumb to this virus.

About the book
Some dreams don’t sail away; perhaps they were built to stay, engaging ever strongly than the tides that chase them at bay.

Robert Gallant used to devote most of his time, energy and intellect on Chemical Engineering, on the belief that it is in Science and Math that he works best. Although he put his love for journalism aside, fate somehow maneuvered him to rekindle this old love as he wrote countless articles published in scientific journals, as well as books in technology and management. His dream, however, to become a fiction novelist never wavered despite being pushed to the backseat.

Additional information

Author's Name

Robert W. Gallant

Publication Date

March 13, 2020








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