Arthur and the Beanstalk


Arthur and the Beanstalk

by Tanene K. Gandol



About the book
Meet Arthur, a quiet shy boy who loves to play. Baseball is his favorite game except there are a few things that he is scared of one bully and two of the bullies friends. Being shy and not really outgoing Arthur does not want to be hurt and does not want to stand up to these boys. Crying he finds some magic beans along a path on his way home. Throwing them onto the ground outside his bedroom window a Big Beanstalk appears. Arthur wants to explore why it appeared outside his bedroom window the next morning and climbs to the top. Meet George the Giant in the Castle above the clouds. After listening to Arthur, George the Giant asks about Arthurs strength to maybe stand up to what is right. Be treated like you would want to be treated. Arthur decides to confront the bullies and ask why. Arthur does not stand down while standing up for himself and why the boys picked on him and for no reason. Wait until what happens to the bullies and Arthur. Maybe they will all become friends or not?

Additional information

Author's Name

Tanene K. Gandol

Publication Date

September 12, 2020






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