Be All You Can Be


Be All You Can Be

by: Edward M. Vaughn, PhD

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About the author
Edward M. Vaughn, Ph.D. enlisted in the United States Army as a Private and retired as an Infantry Colonel. He served in Germany, Alaska, Korea, and saw intensive combat in Viet Nam where he was awarded the Silver Star and many other decorations. for valor. He served in the Army’s Special Forces, the 82nd Airborne Division, and a final tour in the Pentagon.

Ed completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Nebraska at Omaha and graduate studies at The Catholic University of America in Washington. His civilian career included service as a VP of Bache & Co. on Wall Street; Senior VP of The Home Shopping Network in St. Petersburg, Florida, and Executive VP of The Marlin Group in Kissimmee, Florida. He also served as an adjunct university professor in Florida, and currently serves as a licensed professional counselor at the Raintree Clinic in Fayetteville, NC.

His previous published works include the Tybee Series, consisting of six suspense and romantic novels: Tybee, The Abduction, For the Love of Money; Why the Little Children? Island Terror, and Pretty Little Princess.

After returning to his ancestral home town of Fayetteville, North Carolina in 2004, he began The Cumberland County Series, consisting of The Evil That Men Do, The Forgiven, Tangled Webs, Paths of Glory, and A Bite of the Apple. He is the proud father of five wonderful children.

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About the book
This story will be especially inspiring to individuals who struggle against the misery of obesity and want to be all they can be. Based on true events, it involves the struggle experienced by two people who develop the courage and commitment to change their lives by taking control of their minds and bodies, and connecting with their spirituality. Be forewarned that some of the story will bring tears of sadness to the reader’s eyes, followed by tears of joy!

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Author's Name

Edward M. Vaughn, PhD

Publication Date

September 4, 2019





2 reviews for Be All You Can Be

  1. Elizabeth Dean

    An incredible and inspiring book. It left me with some new views on life.

  2. John Dickson

    A beautiful story that reached deeply into my heart.

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