Bring-to-Life Book of Mormon Stories


Bring-to-Life Book of Mormon Stories

by David S. Taylor



About the book
Bring-to-Life Book of Mormon Stories will help you learn, teach, and apply gospel principles from the stories in the Book of Mormon:

In talks
In classes
In your family
In your personal study

Learn to tell Book of Mormon stories effectively in your own words by applying the Tips on Telling Stories from the Scriptures in the first chapter.

Bring the stories to life using the quick-reference Backgrounds and Story Outlines.

Fill in details by studying the related scripture References.

Make your points by emphasizing applicable Gospel Principles.

Start your preparation by choosing your stories from:

The Index of Gospel Principles, and/or
The Index of People, Places, Things, and Events.

You will be guided to discover and draw out gospel principles that the stories naturally demonstrate. With this Reference Guide for Speakers, Teachers, Students, and Parents, stories in the Book of Mormon will always be at your fingertips, and you can bring them to life!

Additional information

Author's Name

David S. Taylor

Publication Date

August 12, 2020






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