Can the Elect Be Deceived


Can the Elect Be Deceived

by Nanci C. Nixon



About the book
Can the Elect Be Deceived is not intended to ask a question, but to incite a vigilant stir in us. We can get so comfortable in our ceremonial, habitual, routines and patterns that the subtitles of the enemy too often go unnoticed, and many times do not even occur to us until it is too late.

The spirit of deception is rampant among us, and without keen discernment, one can and will fall prey to the devourer. Deception mimics sincerity and is designed to look and sound good and feel right. The impostor comes posing as the “Real McCoy,” and oft times we are none the wiser.

Even as a minister of the gospel, when deception came I did not recognize it. It did not come the usual way. It did not announce itself. It did not come as I would suspect–I did not have a clue that my deceiver was truly a “wolf in sheep’s clothing.” So I tell my story to sound the alarm!

Additional information

Author's Name

Nanci C. Nixon

Publication Date

August 20, 2020






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