Character Building Through Christian Education for Youth: "Family Life"


Character Building Through Christian Education for Youth: “Family Life”

by: Culbert Delisle Blenman



About the author
Culbert Delisle Blenman was born in Vieux-Fort in St. Lucia, West Indies, on May 25, 1950. He attended the Vieux-Fort Roman Catholic Boys’ Primary School, the Vieux-Fort Comprehensive Secondary School (Campus B), and the St. Mary’s College in Castries, St. Lucia. Later on, he attended other Caribbean institutions of higher learning, the Seminary of St. John Vianney, and the University of the West Indies campus in Trinidad where he obtained his spiritual and secular foundations, simultaneously. He subsequently became a high school teacher/missionary, and “sports’ director” over-seas, and also coached students in soccer and athletic track-events. He was also a track-and-field, as well as a soccer and basketball player. On returning home, he became Sports’ Director at the Vieux-Fort Comprehensive Secondary School (Campus B), his Alma Mater, for a brief period (1974). He also served as a licensed Lay Reader and Minister, and Youth Coordinator, in the Anglican Church in the south. Nothing in his past indicated to him, that God was calling him to journey there for twenty-three years. Whilst ministering in the Anglican church in the south, he was also involved in Church outreach programs (sick and shut-in visitation with prayer ministry, and yearly visits to some rehabilitation centers and senior citizens homes in St. Lucia). Mr. Blenman has also been a farmer and a business clerk/supervisor for 34 years. Just before his retirement in 2010, he gave voluntary Christian Education talks in some schools in the south of the island. Presently, he teaches Christian Education in the Pentecostal Church where he worships (“Born Again Revival Tabernacle”), and engages in inspirational writing. He is married to his youthful days’ sweetheart (Lydia), who has two children and two grandchildren, presently residing in the USA.

About the book
Character Building through Christian Education on Family Life for youths is very timely and significant and is ready to challenge many social ills that beset many confused, misguided, and delinquent youths and adults, spiritually. It promotes and supports righteous living as the basis and answers for most social problems of and in family life. Like Matthew Arnold said in Light for My Path, Nothing will do except righteousness, and no other conception of righteousness will do, except Christ conception of it (page 176). Its all about our attitudes and the choices that we make (Bishop Ronald Edward).

Additional information

Author's Name

Culbert Delisle Blenman

Publication Date

April 11, 2019




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