Children of the Winter: A Chronicle of the Wolf Pack


Children of the Winter: A Chronicle of the Wolf Pack

by Thomas Tipton



About the author
Thomas Tipton was born in 1975 and lives in Denison TX with his wife, daughter, and two pint-size terrors. He teaches high school art and watches entirely too many Kung Fu movies. Enjoys long walks on the beach. Pet peeves include people who are mean to their dogs and Drivers who stay in the fast lane when they are driving slow. Children of the Winter is the first in a series of nine currently in production.

About the book
With writing as harsh and brutal as the landscape in which the story is set, Children of the Winter chronicles the lives and times of the Wolf Pack as told by one of their own, a “Street Rat” turned soldier. Follow Bulldog’s adventures as he and his motley crew battle as those that would be gods roll the dice in the eternal struggle. Will Darkness engulf Kronus or will the Children of the Winter cast off their cloaks and walk into the springtime?

Additional information

Author's Name

Thomas Tipton

Publication Date

October 24, 2019




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