Darkness and Light: New Light


Darkness and Light: New Light

by: Kyle Hoy



About the author
This is the third installment for the Darkness and Light series. Any new readers who have not read the first two installments may begin reading on chapter 27 where you will be immediately introduced to Addicus Walker.

About the book
It’s been thousands of cycles since the sphere of light drove the darkness from Terra. Auron and his remaining Omans understood they could no longer interfere with the natural progression of human life, so they created a structure concealed within the clouds to watch over and protect the life upon their planet. In time, Auron believed the humans could become more powerful than the Omans but knew the darkness would stop at nothing to return Terra to its original desolate state.

Additional information

Author's Name

Kyle Hoy

Publication Date

September 20, 2019






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