Darkness & Light: Return to Terra


Darkness & Light: Return to Terra

by: Kyle Hoy



About the author
I’ve always had a story on my mind that I’ve wanted to share with the world for many years. When I wrote this story, it allowed me to escape my every day stresses, and I hope this story can do the same for others no matter how small or large, even if it’s for just a few moments at a time. I truly believe everyone has a unique story inside them, and I hope this inspires others to share their stories.

About the book
Auron had no other choice but to return to Sonos, as ordered by the Protector. Auron is devastated for abandoning the Humans and losing fifteen of his Omans, and believes the fate of his people is sealed. Relix, one of the most intelligent Omans, brings new information to Auron that restores hope within him. With no other option, Auron leads his people back to Terra to reclaim it from the Darkness and the Hollowed Minions.

What will wait for Auron and the others upon their return?

Additional information

Author's Name

Kyle Hoy

Publication Date

September 18, 2019








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