by Manuel Pelaez



About the author
I worked for many years as a manager in the local government in Miami, Florida. I went to school in MDCC and FIU, I’m into physical fitness owning my own gym and I love music having my own music studio. Nowadays, I’m so proud of being an executive producer where it started from being an author, writer, and artist. I am currently involved in many projects and film contracts, so buckle up and enjoy my journey.

About the book
This story is nothing short of spectacular, two brothers are drawn into two different destinies. One barely escapes the brutality of their homeland and the other is taken and recruited by the terrorist and rebels. One with support from church members becomes an engineering scientist, the other the leader of the terrorist and rebels. One sees his colleagues murdered by a powerful organization and is forced to flee and hide. This creates another powerful organization to hunt down the fugitives, in remote locations. After an extensive hunt of each individual, some justice is brought forth. This leads to a new beginning and new assignments for DARPA, where one brother’s leadership makes successful outcomes that are recognized by the highest members in the United States military.

Additional information

Author's Name

Manuel Pelaez

Publication Date

November 4, 2019






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