Don't Retire - Renew: Living Life to Its Fullest In Renewalment


Don’t Retire – Renew: Living Life to Its Fullest In Renewalment

by Lou Kaufmann



About the book
Words are powerful and one word and one condition all people strive for is Retirement. According to Webster’s Dictionary, Retire means “to withdraw or go away, to a place of abode, shelter or seclusion, to fall back or retreat” That negative concept forced us to come up with a positive word that would get us excited and we came up with Renew. Renew means “to begin or take up again, to restore or replenish, to revive, to revive, re-establish, make new as if new again, to be restored to a former state.”

Oh, how exciting! When you reach the age of renewalment, you begin to look at everything in a totally new and different light. Your life isn’t over, it’s just beginning. When you finally decide to stop working at your career or job, you now renew or go into renewalment. It’s not over. It is just beginning. It is a whole new positive approach to enjoying life and able to “Enjoy Every Luscious Moment”. You set new goals for yourself and now begin to enjoy the fruits of your labor in a whole new and different approach to “Living Life to its Fullest.”

Additional information

Author's Name

Lou Kaufmann

Publication Date

October 24, 2019






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