Family Ties


Family Ties

by: Portia Sands



About the author
Portia Sands is a first time novelist from the Bahamas. She is an ardent writer of poems, plays and folktales. Her engaging storytelling ability has enabled her to host a Bahamian folktale series, ‘Tell Me A Story” on the Bahamas Learning Channel which has been uploaded to YouTube.

Mrs. Sands is an educator and Public Officer with the Bahamas Government. She is a trainer, motivational speaker, grant writer and avid traveller. She is married and has one son.

About the book
The novel has a modern-day Bahamian context and highlights a female pastor and her family. Pastor Martha has reared her four daughters to be Christian and God-fearing. Their differing personalities and relationship experiences take each of them on a romantic journey that challenges them emotionally and socially. There are also secrets, mystery, and intrigue. Will the family bond be able to hold strong throughout the challenges?

Additional information

Author's Name

Portia Sands

Publication Date

April 10, 2019




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