Fib Fibinowski


Fib Fibinowski

by Brady Hauswirth



About the book
From time to time, we all may tell a little lie?a fib. But what if everyone in your family did?

That?s the problem in author Brady Hauswirth?s Fib Fibinowski: The Fibinowski Fibbers. The Fibinowski parents are fibbers, and they are teaching their children to fib as well. But then one of the Fibinowskis decides not to be a fibber anymore. Learn what happens to the entire family when one person makes a change and vows never to again lie.

Parents influence their children for the bad and for the good. Fib Fibinowski: The Fibinowski Fibbers shows that sometimes, children influence their parents. It is a fun way to talk about lying while stressing the importance of truth.

Additional information

Author's Name

Brady Hauswirth

Publication Date

August 19, 2020




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