God's Love Letters from Nana


God’s Love Letters from Nana

by Judy Ann Bowman



About the book
Nana’s book of love letters, which was written for Jesus’s precious children, consists of thirteen letters. The thirteenth letter is a birthday letter appropriate for any month. These carefully thought-out letters were prayed over and were changed many times with the inspiration of God’s input and love for his little ones. They do not have to start in January as a continuation or connection between each month. They are written as separate entities, with each letter introducing the month about which I am writing. This would include the time of year, the seasons, and many of the holidays. There are exaggerated adjectives and exclamations to bring out refreshing fun, laughter, and surprise to the child in the sentences. The younger years of my past are woven together with present-life situations to capture and stimulate the child’s imagination. New and creative ways are introduced in playing, crafts, and jokes they can share with their friends. The intent, above all, is to intertwine the love of Jesus throughout the letters. This is circled around love that is expressed to them and love that can come from them toward others. The captivatingly tailored letters are inspired by God to help instill confidence and good moral conduct and to mold a godly character in the children.

Additional information

Author's Name

Judy Ann Bowman

Publication Date

November 26, 2019




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