by: Abba Lin



About the book
After coming out of a heartbreaking divorce three years earlier, Lin, now thirty-three years old and in the prime of her life, drives a small U-Haul from Hemet, California, across the country to Greensville, South Carolina, to start a new life and live by her cousin Junebugg.

From her very first day in Greensville, her life takes a turn and is changed forever. Her story will take you in many directions. It involves Ouija boards, demons, exorcisms, heartbreaks, despair, rejection, and even rape and deaths.

One moment, you will be laughing out loud, another moment, the tears will be running down your face. You will read poems of despair and victory, but through it all, you will find hope, healing, love, and grace.

Lin also has her love triangle and her own Cinderella story. You will meet Master John Wayne Goodlin Sr. and see how they both change each other’s lives forever!

You will see through it all God’s love and grace He has for His children. his mercy is new every morning.

You won’t be able to put this book down. It will capture your heart and soul. This is just the first book and the beginning of Lin’s story. Put on your seat belts. Your ride into Lin’s life is just beginning.

Additional information

Author's Name

Abba Lin

Publication Date

June 27, 2019






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