In His Head


In His Head

by Ron Sobolewski



About the author
Artist, Educator, and currently an adjunct professor working with student teachers at a Pittsburgh area University. Enjoyed 30+ years teaching teaching Art in the Pittsburgh Public Schools system. A Father, husband, grandfather, coach, and hopefully, a friend to many. A passion to write, and, maybe, write well, remained a persistent “itch” throughout my lifetime. I began this book eight years ago. I sensed that the story line had some merit, but in reality, the writing was awful. During the spring of 2015 I returned to the manuscript. Energy flowing, I began to write two to three pages a day. It became a demanding and difficult challenge. After 5 months I began to feel satisfied with my efforts. Almost daily, I would read and re-read, tweaking and detailing. Finally, comfortable, I began the process of publishing. I hope that you are entertained by my efforts.

About the book
Colerain Pike is generous, talented, intellectual, attractive, socially conscious, and enjoys the company of women. The only child of successful and wealthy professional parents. He chose to accept being drafted into the U.S. Military during the Vietnam conflict. Efforts to alter his situation by his connected parents were rejected. Never married, he relished his intimate relationships with four desirable women. Each woman, at some point, ended their relationship with Colerain unilaterally. Those four women remained “in his head”. Mr. Pike was unable to liberate himself from the power of their rejections. Colerain killed those four women during a patterned serial process. At each scene he intentionally left a clue that would always remain untraceable. Through an unseen observer, during his fourth killing, he became an addiction “in her head”.

Additional information

Author's Name

Ron Sobolewski

Publication Date

November 14, 2019




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