Inventions Created by African Americans: An Educational Coloring Book


Inventions Created by African Americans: An Educational Coloring Book

by Rosalind Blackmon



About the author
Rosalind Blackmon has always been curious about many of the countless accomplishments African American men and women have made to our society. Motivated by her desire to expose children of all ages, she has created the first in a series of books for children INVENTIONS CREATED BY AFRICAN AMERICANS – AN EDUCATIONAL COLORING AND ACTIVITY BOOK.

About the book
This workbook consists of 16 inventions created by African Americans with coloring books and critical thinking activities to make learning not only informative but fun and exciting.

Ms. Blackmon is currently a retired elementary school teacher along with being a mentor teacher with the Los Angeles Unified School District in Los Angeles, California, for the past 33 years. She plans to continue to develop methods to expose children around the world to African American history.

In her spare time, Ms. Blackmon enjoys party planning, home decorating, gardening, creating new craft projects and most of all visiting African American cultural events.

Additional information

Author's Name

Rosalind Blackmon

Publication Date

November 14, 2019




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