by Jennifer Lindberg

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About the book
An Aleut girl named Jennifer was born in a small Alaskan village. At that time the village was known world-wide for the salmon that run every year. The village was set on the banks of the river and thrived off of the bountiful land. Growing up on a diet of salmon, seal, deer and homemade bread. Aleut life was very rewarding.

Coming of age in a small Alaskan village with no education past the eighth grade. Jennifer travels to the big city to continue her education and follow in the footsteps of her father to an all Indian boarding school.

Jennifer spent most of her life on the move. Her love of travel will take you from the great mountains of Alaska, the dusty streets of Mexico, fighting forest fires in Oregon to hitting the ALCAN Highway. To end up back in Alaska to meet her “Alaskan Man”.

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Jennifer Lindberg

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May 26, 2020







2 reviews for JENNIFER

  1. Sofia Chya

    Jennifer is a great informative book. She also is a wonderful human being.

  2. Larry Sugak

    Coming from a background of five-seven years of college, I had decided to just read a few paragraphs of her rough draft. So, upon reading, told her honestly that I wanted keep on reading. This action came from writing six page summaries and reading scores of similar material.

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