Joy in the Journey


Joy in the Journey

by: Charles Hopson



About the author
My education is very limited. With only a ninth-grade education I was very amazed at the poems that I wrote. When I began my missionary journey I began getting these ideas. Being a follower of Christ I could only assume that they must be coming from a source greater than I.

About the book
Joy In The Journey is a continuation of poems that the Lord has blessed me with. I have written these poems over many years and would like to share them with everyone as I did with my first book Spiritual Inspiration. As the Lord so graciously continues to bless me with all these poems, I will continue to share them with you also. For I know in my heart that they are given from him to all of us. I wish to thank all of you very much and pray the Lord to bless all of you as well.

Additional information

Author's Name

Charles Hopson

Publication Date

August 13, 2019






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