by Donald L Peters



About the book
In high school, Jess Workman and Miriam Hardesty Highland were sweethearts. After graduation they went their separate ways. Jess joined the Navy and worked for the State Department. Miriam earned several degrees, married a pastor and became a professor at Kansas State University. Twenty-two years later they find themselves back in their hometown of Redfield, Kansas. Miriam’s husband had died. As they rediscover one another and begin to develop a relationship, they realize that the road blocks that plagued them before have not been resolved. As Jess and Miriam try to commit themselves to each other, they realize that Jess’ law enforcement career as a deputy for Cherokee County will impact their relationship in different ways. Jess starts a crusade against greedy opportunists, “vultures” who take advantage of the economically challenged. They learn firsthand that Jess’ crusade and career have opened them up to a whole new world of violence. Written with a Christian perspective, Knightfall, by author D.L. Peters, offers a message for today’s world about the importance of decency, right living, and adherence to the precepts of God.

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Author's Name

Donald L Peters

Publication Date

May 26, 2020






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