Luc: The Boy Who Loves Technology


Luc: The Boy Who Loves Technology

by Philippe L. Rodriguez



About the author
After graduating from the University of St. Thomas with a Master’s in Software Engineering, Mr. Rodriguez started his career in the Information Technology (IT) field working for a Fortune 500 industry leader. His skills as a technologist manifested into teaching others the importance of IT, and in 2017, he left his comfy cubicle to follow his passion and found a non-profit IT summer camp and after school program for inner-city youth. Through these programs and his children’s books, Philippe can share his vast knowledge of and love for computing technologies with kids, parents, and educators. An avid runner and stargazer, he cherishes the time he spends with his high schooler, Xavier, and his younger daughter, Ella. Philippe resides in sunny Miami, Florida and frequently enjoys quiet times at the beach.

About the book
Luc is a typical boy who likes playing video games instead of any outdoor activities. As he grows older his passion for technology continues. He helps his parents with the family business. He studies and follows his passion for technology. Today, he is a successful aerospace engineer.

Additional information

Author's Name

Philippe L. Rodriguez

Publication Date

November 5, 2019




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