My Inner Thoughts of You


My Inner Thoughts of You

by: Tania L Giguere



About the author
Tania L Giguere grew up in Michigan and started writing in her middle school years and continued throughout high school getting into trouble with her teachers. But still, she remained faithful to her writing. Tania realized that when she wrote it would bring life to the empty pages.

Now with her years of writing, Tania L Giguere has written several children’s books, adult fiction, young adult, coloring books, quotes, and poetry to ease the soul.

Her love of poetry published with Eber & Wein.

Tania also for inclusion in World of Poetry’s 1992 Edition of Who’s Who In Poetry and Our World’s Most Treasured Poems 1991.

About the book
Take an exciting glimpse into the reality of one’s being a place that few have ever traveled. Its greatness gives way to the beat of your heart the sound of your soul feeding the mind.

Taking away the shame and placing the worth of you into a world of madness. Giving hope to the wayward and passing a gift of life to another brings joyous pleasure.

It is a place that will lead your spirit into a realm of everlasting love closing the void that haunts your dreams leaving its uselessness in your wake.
Closing this darkness opens the eyes sending the night back into its pit of worthlessness.

My Inner Thoughts of You is a gift of hope and peace a pathway to take charge of your destiny. It is a guide for your journey through a maze of fear set before you. Like the wind, it will cling to your every step.

Additional information

Author's Name

Tania L Giguere

Publication Date

August 1, 2019




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