My Moments Of Inspiration


My Moments Of Inspiration

by Linda J. Stipe



About the author
Linda J. Stipe published this first book MY MOMENTS OF INSPIRATION, a book of poetry in 2010 and her second book NANA’S FRONT PORCH PHOTOGRAPHY, an unusual book of bird pictures that are given captions under each picture to give them life and give the readers a chuckle or two. She is in the process of getting her third published book called NANA’S BOOK OF FOUR P’S, a book of poetry, prose and personal philosophy. Not only does she write poetry, but she has also written a couple of articles for her local newspaper, The Baxley News-Banner; is an amateur photographer, loves to crochet, has several notebooks of drawings she has done (and has even given some as gifts to others), does floral arrangements, loves crafting, reading and spending time with her family.

She has three daughters, Tracy, Ann and Bethany; two sons-in-law, Tim and Michael; and two grandchildren, Amber and Tristan. She is a member of Mount Vernon Baptist Church and Encouragers Sunday School Class in Baxley, Georgia. She is also the sole owner of Stipe Oil Company, Inc. and Sparkle ‘N’ Shine Carwash and Gasoline Key Pump System since the husband of 49 years passed in 2017. She loves her family and friends, you, her readers and most of all, her Savior, Jesus Christ.

She would love to hear from you about your comments on her books and can be reached at, or on Facebook under her page listed as LINDA J. STIPE. She will respond to each one.

About the book
MY MOMENTS OF INSPIRATION, a book of poetry originally published in 2010, was written by Linda J. Stipe. She began writing in the seventh grade as Linda Jarrell. She had written many other poems that she had shared with another friend who wrote poetry also but failed to keep a copy of them. So, over the years, these have been lost, hence collecting her poems in a notebook since the ninth grade.

This book contains a variety of poetry that has been written over many years and through many phases of the author’s life. It is poetry covering the silliness in life, the happiness, along with some sadness, seriousness and the spiritual growth of the author.

Additional information

Author's Name

Linda J. Stipe

Publication Date

December 18, 2019




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