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Nature Intelligence

Nature Intelligence


by Onoja Yakubu Akoh

About The Book

The issue of the world is one from which all crises emanate: Bolanism –the Lies of Mankind vs. Totfaism –the Truths of Nature: The time to heal the world from the pandemic disease of the ignorance of nature, reset the global economy from itself inflicted crisis and unleash humanity into wellbeing economy revolution –the birthright of humanity is now and the magnum opus book that will do the job is Nature Intelligence, NI –the reference book of nature! So, everyone should upgrade their knowledge with NI!

Nature Intelligence (NI) –the wonder in motion –the revolution in knowledge is where every knowledge and learning –sciences, social sciences, technology, engineering, mathematics, and art/humanities (STEMA) intersect. With NI, knowledge, and learning are fun.  Everything in the world feeds on nature such that wherever you are and whatever you are doing right now depends on nature. Nature is everything to the world hence we need to know about nature that makes living possible, habitable, and livable for the fulfillment of life in time –the dress rehearsal for life in the timeless zone –eternity: ∞=(G, W). NI is the launch of the new but original economic system of the global economy known as octonomism –the retirement of capitalism, socialism, and communism. NI is the launch of new physics known as exist physics –the goal of physics where physical reality and ultimate reality are defined and intersected. NI is the launch of new economics known as psychoeconomics –mind economy –your mind is your economy (YMIYE). NI is the launch of new politics and political party known as the octonomist –the true path of good governance. NI is a phenomenon in world affairs. In these trying times of the world where the COVID-19 pandemic has distorted the working pattern of the global economy, there is the need for a shifting paradigm that will reset and reinvent the world from education to information gathering for the fulfillment of life in the world and that passionately needed reset and reinvention is NI which is good for parents, students, guardians, leaders of thoughts, and everyone to use at homes, in the offices, schools, hotels, streets, movies, marketplaces and anywhere humans are found in the world. NI is a daily application in all areas of life. Nothing gives more fun like nature and the fun is found in NI. Nature is a revolution in itself for nature changes the change that daily transforms the world from civilization to civilization –that revolution of nature is NI. So, welcome to the NI revolution –the revolution of the well-being economy. NI is the book that unites the past, present, and future with ease and you being the ultimate beneficiary. World crises are unsolved because there is no reference book of nature! Not anymore with NI!

NI, all interests covered, everyone wins. Knowledge is fun, learning is fun and life is fun –with NI.

“The appearance of Nature Intelligence, NI is the disappearance of ignorance in world affairs because ignorance of NI, IONI is the bane of the world. Everyone needs to be Nature Intelligent to be fulfilled in life.”
NI, the Book for the ages!

“NI is the variety of solutions to the problems of the world, examples are Climate Change, Foreign Policy, Human Rights, Family Intelligence, Purpose, Mind, and so on. NI is endless in applications and dimensions.”
NI, the Tool for the ages!

NI, beyond new … NI, the Encyclopedia of Nature (TEON)! With NI, we’re already living in the future!
NI, every chapter is a book interconnecting books in the world! NI is the book for daily consultation! 
The Wealth of Nations is Nature Intelligence, so having the Knowledge of Nature Intelligence is Individuals and Institutions globally possessing the Wealth of Nations! The future is NI!

Publication date July 22,2022
Language English
ISBN (Paperback)
979-8-88622-472-6 (E-BOOK)
Genre Reference
Pages 716
Interior Color Black and White
Book Size 8.500" x 11.000" (280mm x 216mm)


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