On Wings of Grace


On Wings of Grace

by Bobbi Clavette



About the author
I grew up in central Pennsylvania in the heart of Amish country. It was there in that little community that my journey started. Having grown up in a family of seven, my parents had to work very hard daily to make it all work. They loved their children very much. Even though I loved I didn’t feel very special, I even felt ugly at times. It was at the time that I felt the ugliest that the Lord used my weakness for his own glory. It was during this time of growing pains that the Lord brought a wonderful couple into my life. You see this couple loved children very much and through much prayer and dedication, this kind couple decided to take on a young girl who needed someone. Through love, she received from her parents and this couple she was transformed into something beautiful as she grew into a young lady. This book reminds me of myself having been transformed into something beautiful through the Lord’s help and the dedication of parents and others who loved me. So in the same manner as the love, I have been shown that I dedicate this book to the many graces that the Lord brought into my life to help transform me into something beautiful. In. Christ, Bobbi Jo Dorman, Clavette.

About the book
This book was written with love and dedication to the loved ones the Lord brought into my life over the years to help transform me into the beautiful lady the Lord intended me to be. It was during this process of transformation that the Lord used others to help me through the hardest times. It was then that I knew people whom I wish to thank for all their help along the way. May I make you proud and may you be encouraged that I’m looking for my Emmy Jo to help along the way, for the best way to say thank you is to duplicate the love I have been given.

Additional information

Author's Name

Bobbi Clavette

Publication Date

January 10, 2020








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