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Pawsatively Perfect...

Pawsatively Perfect...

The Adventures of Street Walker, Private Investigator

by Diane Hannon

About The Book

Twenty-five year old Steet Walker is happy with her life as a dog groomer, until she meets Detective Dallas Mesa. His life seems much more exciting, but it isn't until she meets her estranged Aunt Lucy's foster son, Roscoe Davis, that her real adventures begin. Hearing of her aunt's death, under strange circumstances, she couples with Roscoe to find out why. Dealing with her budding romance with the handsome detective and her new commitment to Roscoe, she realizes her life isn't so normal after all. Facing the opportunity for a new career and an exciting relationship, she literally jumps in feet first to find the answers.

Publication date August 02,2022
Language English
ISBN 979-8-88622-488-7 (Paperback)
979-8-88622-489-4 (E-BOOK)
Genre Fiction, Contemporary
Pages 176
Interior Color Black and White
Book Size 8.500" x 11.000" (280mm x 216mm)


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