Pictorial Essay of Din Din: Book 1


Pictorial Essay of Din Din: Book 1

by Diane Sytarchuk-Kent



About the author
I am the third child and 1st daughter of six children and parents of french origin. I had five siblings, 2 older brothers and 3 younger sisters.

I went to a now non-existent school in the hamlet of Domremy, Saskatchewan, Canada. I graduated my grade twelve in this school.

I was born in Prince Albert – known as the gateway to the north.

As a teenager, I was very sickly and married my first husband, a Ukrainian man, at a tender age of 19. I was married to him for 30 years until we divorced.

After 5 years I had a miscarriage, then I had a girl. 8 years later I had two more boys almost 2 years apart. My youngest was very sickly and had the autism spectrum condition.

I was a single mom for a few years. Eric went into care at age 13.

I got remarried to the love of my life, Kevin Kent. We were married for 5 years. Unfortunately, he died of leukemia just before his 50th birthday.

I also enjoyed crafts and making music. I made 3 CDs before I started making books a year before Kevin died. The book was to be Eric’s and Kevin’s legacy.

The music I produced was all my made-up melodies and my lyrics, my vocals and me playing guitar. I was self-taught. Music makes sense to me like another language like pictures and words make sense together. My first cd was called: ” Welcome to my World ” My 2nd was: ” What a Gift ” My third was: ” I Dance by Myself “.

About the book
This book is based on simple neuroscience, this is basically the principle of the pictures our minds make for all the words in our language. In my book, I call them simply: social stories or cartoons that are representative of the corresponding words.

People with cognitive difficulties are more readily able to understand the social undertones of language in this user-friendly way. It is useful for anyone really. It is very effective. I taught my autistic son this way.

He was on the lower end of the autism spectrum.

This method would also be helpful to caregivers in communicating with these special people.

My late husband, Kevin Kent left me with the means to be able to produce these books.

Additional information

Author's Name

Diane Sytarchuk-Kent

Publication Date

December 4, 2019




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