by Martin Kari



About the author
Born during World War II in Transylvania, Martin Kari undertook many directions in his life, starting as a refugee in Germany. Technical and then formal higher education prepared the author for life with a sense of exploration, adventure, intellect and humanity. Having worked and lived in four continents as a global citizen, he settled in Australia with his wife and six children. It was only in retirement that he found the time to take up the pen again.

About the book
“The Poet shows human power” (Original : Des Menschen Kraft im Dichter offenbart”) (Faust – Wolfgang v. Goethe) ‘Here rhyme is not asked to make an exclusive appearance’. ……”poems of Martin Kari are prose poems, written very much from the heart. They are not too much concerned with form and line ending, in other words rhyme only. Truth is here a concern. The reader is not confronted with difficult intellect, rather being invited to share with the poet natural views where the outcome is positive. (FAWQ – Editor, Caroline Glen). —————– „Des Menschen Kraft im Dichter offenbart“ (Faust –Wolfgang v. Goethe) Hier ist nicht gefragt : ‚Reim dich, oder ich friß dich‘. ……“Gedichte von Martin Kari sind Prosa- Gedichte. Sie kommen vom Herzen. Sie sind nicht alleine vom Format bestimmt, es geht um die Wahrheit, daher ist die Sprache direkt, ohne Umschw eife. Der Dichter sucht Übereinstim- mung mit dem Leser. Die Gedichte lesen sich leicht, kein besonderer Intellekt ist angesprochen, die Aussagen sind unmißverständlich und heben das Bewußtsein. (FAWQ – Editor, Caroline Glen).

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Martin Kari

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December 18, 2019






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