Raven's Flight to Freedom


Raven’s Flight to Freedom

by Dr. Algirdas V. Kanauka



About the book
This is the story of my survival, adventures, experiences, and insights about geopolitics and changing worldviews from before World War II Lithuania to Soviet occupation and my escape and evasion through wartime Germany till the end of WWII. It also talks about my life as a refugee in displaced-persons camp for four years and my immigration to the United States of America in 1949. Five years later, having graduated from the Citadel Military College, I was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the US Air Force and participated in the Cold War as a combat crew member of Strategic Air Command’s Bombers B-52 and B-58. Then I had a stint with research and development of F-111 weapons systems at Wright Air Development Center and about a year in Southeast Asian war (Vietnam) with an F-111 fighter-bomber detachment. Then I went back to Europe on an US AF project. Finally, after twenty-two years, I retired from the Air Force to Southern California and worked in the aerospace industry and had new experiences and insights about men’s venture into the cosmos. However, after the dissolution of Soviet Union, the old country of Lithuania became free, and I went there to help rebuild the country and pay my debt to it by consulting the general staff and teaching at the military academy there. There are more insights and adventures. Finally, I retire to cool my heels in the warm waters of the Pacific Rim in Southern California’s Rancho Palos Verdes as a freelance writer.

Additional information

Author's Name

Dr. Algirdas V. Kanauka

Publication Date

September 12, 2020






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