Satan's World


Satan’s World

by: Wayne Hill



About the author
Wayne Hill is currently working on his next book titled, In the Beginning. He served in the U.S. Air Force in Communications and worked for GTE Government Systems for nine years. Wayne has twenty-eight years experience in electronics and earned two BS degrees while working full time. Wayne also has extensive experience operating heavy equipment working in dirt construction. He enjoys fishing, hiking, photography, reading, and writing. Wayne also loves reading the Holy Bible and attends the Church of Christ.

About the book
This book gives another theory of the origin of mankind on this planet, and who is in control. It’s a true story of good versus evil and one man’s struggle to save his soul. It’s a story about a superhero of superhero’s who sacrifices himself to save all those, who eons of time ago turned their backs on His father and followed the villain of our story. It’s a story about profound love and forgiveness that human love cannot approach. After you read this story, you will be facing a new reality about the origins of human life, a sobering reality. But you will be left with a simply choice, once you understand and accept the reality of your existence.

Additional information

Author's Name

Wayne Hill

Publication Date

October 31, 2018






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