The Boy Who Was Destined To Be A King


The Boy Who Was Destined To Be A King

by: Ricky D. Wilson



About the author
Ricky D. Wilson, a native Hoosier, was born in Indianapolis and educated at Vincennes University. The father of two, former Marine Sergeant Wilson loves all kids and sincerely hopes that his poems and magazine articles can help make a difference in some youngster’s life.

He and his family currently reside in California, where he is marketing his latest invention, a kids’ educational game.

About the book
“Once upon a time, there was a boy born in the city of Tapolis. This boy was different, of course, so his parents named him Hope.”

So begins The Boy Who Was Destined to Be King, Rickey D. Wilson’s charming novella, featuring a brave young hero who yearns to acquire knowledge, believes in telling the truth, and is undaunted by being “different.” Along with Hope, you will travel to a castle and meet some bad guys, some overprotective guards, and a public spirited king; with a surprise at the end, as education leads to triumph.

A fable for all ages, in the tradition of “The Little Prince.”

Additional information

Author's Name

Ricky D. Wilson

Publication Date

May 31, 2019




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