The Cross Tells Me Part 1&2


The Cross Tells Me Part 1&2

by Darren Cox



About the author
Darren Cox is a Christian author who write children book that help children with life and their faith along the way his children book are The little truck knew it could, Why Me, Trying to see the light all children book Darren cox is even working on his first novel called The Cross Tells Me is out February 2, 2017

Darren cox is going to become a lay minister thought the united Methodist church check out her sermon on his youtube
he not afraid to show his love for God and his son Jesus

About the book
Adelphi may be a small town, but it houses a treasure that cannot be measured. When Bill McFar comes to town in search of a payload, he finds what he wants beneath the Adelphi hillside: a source of petroleum. But McFar’s oil lies beneath something important to the people of Adelphi. On that grassy hillside rests a big wooden cross that represents the hope of the people, and inspires them as they go about their daily lives. No one in Adelphi wants the cross to move to facilitate McFar’s greed. But he’s powerful. And adamant. Will McFar get his way and uproot this beacon, offending the traditions and faith of the townspeople? Or will the story of the cross cause things to turn out another way altogether…?part 2 Bill Macfar come back to his home town of Chillicothe Ohio he has some question like where does evil come from? why is there evil? but when the cross show up again what will all the story will be about this time.

Additional information

Author's Name

Darren Cox

Publication Date

December 18, 2019




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