The Earth In Custody


The Earth In Custody

by Subhash S. Naik



About the book
Today’s world is full of pollution, and the ecological-balance is getting more & more damaged day by day. If we disregard the danger of pollution, the world as we know may end in the very near future. There are ample signs pointing to this eventuality, but the populace chooses to disregard them. Scientists have been warning of this danger for the past several decades, and even though various world-leaders have understood the need to act, the speed of the action is not fast enough. Will the pollution spoil our lives before any significant results of the preventive-actions are effective? That is today’s danger!

The author-poet thought that rather than writing a technical book on this subject, which would be perhaps address a specialized group of readers, it would be far better to express this through verses which can be easily understood by everybody and which could be far more effective in achieving the objective of making the populace at large aware of today’s extent of pollution endangering the world.

Read these verses, ponder and act; but act fast!

Additional information

Author's Name

Subhash S. Naik

Publication Date

September 02, 2020






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