The Emperor’s Regret


The Emperor’s Regret

by Barbara Pierce



About the book
The Emperor’s Regret is an original folktale that tells the story of a popular young emperor who makes the decision to denounce his former lifestyle for another. When he is brought face to face with a surprisingly reality, it changes his way of looking at his very own existence. Can he endure the twist and turns his life is about to take? While on nighttime Safari trip in Botswana, Africa, Barbara witnessed a leopard stalking baboons for an evening meal. For her, it was a very tense moment. Later, that riveting scene inspired her to write “The Emperor’s Regret”. Set in a tropical rainforest in Eastern Asia, the book tells the story of Paheni, a troubled young emperor whose ultimate goal is to find a life with less responsibility. Annoyed with the grasp of royalty, he relinquishes his birthright to seek a more carefree existence. He summons Haknobee, a well-respected elder who is known to possess great wisdom and powerful magic, to pursue his desire. As he experiences the freedom of his new life, reality falls dangerously short of his fanciful expectations. The author hopes the emperor’s story will encourage readers to consider possible consequences first, before making important decisions. Hasty actions will too often deliver unwarranted outcomes.

About the author
Though Miss Pierce has retired from teaching, she frequently interacts with children. At such time she gets the opportunity to expose them to samples of her work. Their reactions and comments are usually so inspiring, she “can hardly wait to put pen to paper again,” she says. Many of her books interest mature readers as well because of the different reading levels and genre provided. To date, thirteen books have been published by the author. Miss Pierce holds a master’s degree in education and reading, and has over the years appeared in Who’s Who in American education publication.

Additional information

Author's Name

Barbara A. Pierce

Publication Date

January 17, 2018









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