The Fifteenth Round


The Fifteenth Round

by Earl Scott



About the author
Earl Scott is a native of Brooklyn, NY. He is the eighth child born (out of twelve) to David and Sallie Scott. He and his wife Amanda have been married for ten years. They have an adopted daughter, Jessica, born on September 10, 2018. The author is a veteran of several branches of our Armed Forces. They include the Navy, the Navy reserves, the Air Force reserves, and the Air National Guard (ANG). Scott is currently serving in the ANG as a Chaplain’s Assistant.

He is also a graduate of the following institutions: Liberty University, Denmark Technical College, Tabernacle Baptist Bible College and Seminary, Patriot University and Shasta Bible College. In addition, Scott has an earned Doctorate in Christian Counseling. A passion for writing and storytelling, his former students encouraged him over the course of time to put these thoughts into a manuscript.

This book compares everyday activities with an emphasis on the spiritual man. In the first section, the writer compares Scripture with some of the best-known sports stories in modern history. The second segment deals primarily with illustrations to capture the audience’s attention prior to applying it to the Bible.

The third and final subdivision are personal stories that are shared from the author’s walk of life. The Word of God is once again applied to what he believes are ten stories that are not too personal to share.

About the book
The Fifteenth Round is written from a spiritual perspective to encourage the reader to develop a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. This title was chosen because most of these stories deal with perseverance. In the earlier days of boxing, bouts went an average of fifteen rounds. The final round usually decided the outcome of the bout.

The Bible has a lot to say about determination. These stories have been shared throughout my lifetime while ministering to others. By popular demand, I have decided to put it into print. While some are written on the humorous side, prayerfully, you will accept the heavenly application that I am attempting to convey.

May the Lord bless you and encourage your heart during the reading of this devotional.

Additional information

Author's Name

Earl Scott

Publication Date

November 4, 2019




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