The Gifts: What Are Yours?


The Gifts: What Are Yours?

by Bishop Clifton Ed. Lott Sr.



About the author
Bishop Clifton E. Lott, Sr. has been in salvation for nearly 30 years. The transition has been very interesting to say the least. The Adonai has taken him from a member in the body of Christ, to a Department Head and licensed Minister. Primarily he operates in the prophetic office, a teacher & Lastly the Bishopric.

His doctorate in seminary, & eight years of missionary work in Alkebu-lan (Africa), Yis’Rael, Canada, Germany and the Caribbean has rounded his character & teaching abilities to date.

As Prophet, he served five years under Dr. Miles Monroe; &, over twelve years under the tutorship of Bishop Charles Messenger ordained as a senor Pastor. These two great men are no longer with us. In 2018 Pastor Lott receive the appointment of the Bishopric from Arch-Bishop Thomas F. Henry, Jr. of The C. O. A. A B. Now a teacher & member of the tribe in K. O. G. A. & P. M. I. under Apostle M. P. Sterling, in phoenix Az.

Prophet/Teacher/Bishop, Lott founded Crossover Ministries International in 2004. Earlier he also founded Clifton Lott Ministries International in 1999. Both ministries are a traveling teaching and music ministry works of the Kingdom.

About the book
I want to encourage you to join us in this journey to answer the burning questions inside many of us. Questions like;
– Why am I here in this life, at this time??
– What am I supposed to be doing??
– Why do I dream??
– What is this longing inside that won’t go away??

My questions to you are;
– What is the thing that you would really love to do whether you were paid for it or not??
– What do you do with your dreams, ideas, or internal goals??
– Would you rather spend your life working for someone else, or own your own business??

If there are no clear answers for each of the questions here, then come join the rest of us who have read this book and are now living out what’s on the inside of each of us…….. The Gifts: What are yours??

Additional information

Author's Name

Bishop Clifton Ed. Lott Sr.

Publication Date

March 12, 2020






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