The Great Tragedy


The Great Tragedy

by Lisa Dunbar



About the author
Lisa Marie Dunbar has worked with her dad for eleven years. Still works with her dad. Lives with her mom, dad, four dogs and a cat. Lisa is from Monroe County, West Virginia. She is also the author of “The Great Tragedy”

About the book
Daron Greenlay and Brutus Amos cross each other’s paths. Daron loses his mother. Daron’s father starts drinking heavily which causes him to have nightmares. As if Daron didn’t have enough problems he had a bully at school that he has to deal with on a day to day basis. Brutus has his own issues to deal with. One night at a parent teacher conference that’s when everything changed. Brutus and Daron became inseparable after the parent teacher conference. Brutus ends up living with Daron and his father. One evening what Daron and Brutus find hanging from a beam in the living room was unspeakable.

Daron’s grandparents get custody of the two young boys. As if Daron and Brutus thought that they had enough problems. Daron’s grandparents start beating on the two young boys. Then they realize that they didn’t want the two young boys in the first place. So, they decided to drop the two young boys off at the orphanage. Just when Daron and Brutus thought that things couldn’t get any worse. The head master/ owner of the orphanage beats the tow young boys very badly. Brutus eventually sneaks into the office and calls for help before the unthinkable happens.

Additional information

Author's Name

Lisa Dunbar

Publication Date

April 14, 2020






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