The Hypocrites of Hunt County


The Hypocrites of Hunt County

by Virginia D Penrose



About the author
Virginia lives in Louisiana with her dog and cat. This is her third book; her first book is called “Did she know Jesus? And her second book is called “The Pilot”. She has been a Christian for almost forty years where she worked in various ministries. Virginia works in technical support and went to DeVry University in Irving, Texas. For a time, she lived in East Texas and went to high school there.

About the book
The story takes place in Quinlan, Texas where Ann buys a house across the street from Bubba and Mabel Smith who go to church who go to church along with other neighbors along the street. Ann is having a hard time since losing her husband and goes to bars and nightclubs. Her children Elaine, Lori and Charley were not raised in the church and don’t go either. Sometimes Bubba and Mabel don’t like the Christians they are supposed to be.

Additional information

Author's Name

Virginia D Penrose

Publication Date

March 17, 2020






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