The Missing Puzzle Piece


The Missing Puzzle Piece

by Robert T Adcock



About the book
The book shows a synopsis of the major world religions, and the ideas of mankind’s interpretation on those religions, and how they affected the shape of the world as we see it today. It also shows how each religion is depicted in each other’s background base on the enclave of human society. It shows how fragile the true values a religion is, by giving some insight to where religion can be use as a tool for evil by the ways of wicked men for the gain of power, and not for its true form. It also uses science as a tool, to show it’s a gift from God to explain everything that has been created and not separate from the divine one. Its an educational piece to promote free thinking and some insight to other religions that you may not have known about.

Additional information

Author's Name

Robert T Adcock

Publication Date

July 08, 2020






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