The Pastor's Wife & The Other Women: "Uncensored"


The Pastor’s Wife & The Other Women: “Uncensored”

by: Barbara Thompson



About the book
This book is the sequel to The Pastor’s Wife & The Other Women. We will take a look at the church and the leadership from the uncensored mode. It will cover the “Entanglements and Traps” that leaders fall into. Learn how to have “Accountability” to a spiritual father. Read chapters like “The Anointing and At­traction” and “It’s Her Fault.”

Read “Queens Do Arise” and many more inspiring chap­ters, stories that will help you through whatever, the scandals, the entanglements, or embarrassments you are in or may have gone through. Maybe you are secretly going through something pain­ful at this moment. Know that you will come out because you are more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus.

This book focuses on the glory of God when we are in order as people. Know chat there is a “Faith That Will Move Mountains.” A book that will inspire, uplift, awaken, and motivate you all in one!

Additional information

Author's Name

Barbara Thompson

Publication Date

April 10, 2019




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