The Perfect Place for Toodles


The Perfect Place for Toodles

by: Barbara A. Pierce



About the book
The Perfect Place For Toodles tells a story of a very young cat that experiences abandonment and great loneliness more than once. He thinks he has found a permanent home with a loving family. Life is good for a time, perhaps too good. After a while the cat is left to spend many long hours in a window waiting and watching for his family to return. While there are still some fun moments with his adopted family, Toodles gets the feeling of being left out. Things really take a turn for the worst when an annoying neighbor visits more often and pays a lot more attention to the cat. When the cat is devastated by some shocking news, he makes a serious move to direct his life in a different direction.

About the author
Miss Pierce has written nine children’s books since retiring from teaching. She contends that the positive response to her work inspire4s her to continue. And she plans to do so as long as she has fun and interesting things to share.

Additional information

Author's Name

Barbara A. Pierce

Publication Date

April 25, 2018









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