The Pobblebonk Earth Detective Club: Going Wild


The Pobblebonk Earth Detective Club: Going Wild

by Sue Baker



About the author
Sue Baker has a bachelor of arts degree in environmental science and has taught high school geography for many years. She has also co-authored several geography textbooks as well as working as a curriculum consultant and in teacher training. Sue currently lives on the north coast of New South Wales, Australia where she runs a large conservation project. Sue also works part-time as a tour guide in parts of Europe.

About the book
Educational children’s book on Australian animals. A fresh approach combining fact and the hilarious adventures of The Pobblebonk Earth Detective Club. Designed to show learning is fun.

Aimed at 10-14 year olds it encourages children to investigate questions, carry out imaginative ‘earth detective’ activities, that can also be used by teachers, and develop a life-long interest in learning. Quizzes with country flag maps are designed to develop knowledge of the world and its place geography.

The book tells the story of the three somewhat ‘off-beat’ Mathieson children, who forced to move to their granny’s farm, fight off their loneliness and boredom by becoming amateur detectives, launching into a series of bizarre adventures in the process. Their cases take them deep into the world of animal tracks and scats, and native Australian animals including marsupials, frogs, crocodiles, rats and mice, a range of lesser-known animals and the unique character of Australia itself.

The book provides references to high quality useful websites for children to carry out further research. Literacy is stressed through a variety of methods with all technical terms highlighted and clearly explained.

Additional information

Author's Name

Sue Baker

Publication Date

February 19, 2020






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