The Triangle


The Triangle

by Manuel Pelaez



About the author
I worked for many years as a manager in the local government in Miami, Florida. I went to school in MDCC and FIU, I’m into physical fitness owning my own gym and I love music having my own music studio. Nowadays, I’m so proud of being a Film Content Writer where it started from being an author, writer, and artist. I am currently involved in many projects and film contracts, so buckle up and enjoy my journey.

About the book
One moment in history, the ancient monks spoke among themselves, from there the birth of martial arts competition began. From that conversation, arose modern Tibet monks to assemble the greatest global martial arts competition ever seen. Using strict ancient laws, and the armed forces of the ministry of China (PLA), to enforce strict curfews, and security, teams of competitors to represent their nations. Only the top competitors shall enter the circle of battles, this massive event takes place in Tibet, China, and lasts until the very end. Coordination’s among many nations, many martial arts styles shall make history for the world to watch.

Additional information

Author's Name

Manuel Pelaez

Publication Date

January 14, 2020






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