The Wonderful World of Tubble Bubble


The Wonderful World of Tubble Bubble

by: Zunnie Day

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About the author
New to the literary scene, Zunnie Day has always had an interest in the arts and the creation of unique things. Growing up, Zunnie was fascinated by children’s and comic books, never forgetting the positive messages such literature fostered. Zunnie truly believes the words children read should not only entertain but teach them valuable lessons as well. Zunnie’s childhood was spent in several cities throughout the country. One of four children, Zunnie’s family moved to Montgomery, Alabama, in the early eighties, where Zunnie continues to live, explore, and create.

About the author
Get ready for bubbles to pop as author Zunnie Day takes you to a wonderful world enclosed in a bubble, the land of Tubble Bubble. This magical place is inhabited by adorable, colorful characters called Yubbles, who live happily together, sharing and caring for each other. But the harmonious balance of the land is threatened when the much-adored King Yubble grants himself a birthday gift that could change Tubble Bubble forever.

Additional information

Author's Name

Zunnie Day

Publication Date

September 4, 2019





1 review for The Wonderful World of Tubble Bubble

  1. Vivian Kelley

    Great and fun read. Inspiring word for young and mature alike. I expect this fun, educational and motivational story to be a big hit across the nation and internationally. I can’t wait to read this story to my grandson. Looking forward to this book becoming a cartoon series.

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