What JAH Feels: The Words of the Scribe


What JAH Feels: The Words of the Scribe

by Moses Shehan Denalee



About the author
Born August 11th, 1977 in Brooklyn NY, of Jamaican parents, who migrated to the USA. Named Paul Bancroft Dwyer at Birth and writing poems from a young age the journey began. After college a spiritual awakening took place through a connection with JAH and a vision to write Paul became Moses Shehan Dana Lee. Inspired by the martial Arts, Judaism, Christianity, Buddism, and Rastafarian spirituality the vision of crafting a work of art called what JAH feels became self-evident. Now Husband to his precious beautiful Wife Julia and two sons Preston and Jayden love is the inspiration for a life long poetic walk.

About the book
What JAH feels is a spiritually romantic book of poetry. It touches on the relationship of true love that endures even beyond this existence. Thoughts of Angel’s and their many-faceted roles determined by whom they love, protect, and guide. It is a journey of a young man and his creator JAH Yahweh who eco’s his feelings through inspirational writing of the scribe. The book awakens the intensity of love and spiritual forces beyond the everyday experience, with feelings of psalms and prayerful thought-provoking content and words.

Additional information

Author's Name

Moses Shehan Denalee

Publication Date

January 7, 2020




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